Will Smith Reacts To Chris Destroying Him In Netflix Comedy Special

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Will Smith Reacts To Chris Destroying Him In Netflix Comedy SpecialWill Smith Reacts To Chris Destroying Him In Netflix Comedy Special

After an entire year of waiting, Chris Rock finally addressed the infamous Oscar slap and let me tell you, he did not hold back. I mean, it took him a WHILE to speak on it, but boy, was it worth the wait! And even better, was Will Smith’s reaction to it!

So, a few days ago, Rock hosted a Netflix Comedy special called “Selective Outrage.” He talked about a bunch of things, sensitive topics like abortion, racism in America, wokeness, and a lot more were covered that night by the comedian. But that’s not the reason we are collected here today. We of course will be speaking about all the shots Chris fired that night that were directly targeted at, you guessed it, Will Smith. And let me tell you, he went IN on Will and Jada. He took some major shots at their open marriage and all the rumors of infidelity.

But that’s not all, we have Will’s exclusive reaction to the whole thing! You guys gotta stick around for this one because it’s about to get wild. But before we dive into it, make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to the channel, so you never miss any of our new videos.

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  1. Will's outlook will continue to be tilted towards being a victim, because he is a victim, of JADA, not Chris! Until Will gets her out of his life, he will continue to have no clarity around this issue. Making an apology via the media, is not an honest, sincere apology. He has not made any amends, and now he's complaining about Chris using the incident for material?? That's what comedians do! Whatever happens to Chris, belongs to Chris and he gets to talk about it as much as he wants.

  2. Will Smith is always somebody I looked up to as an actor. He was an amazing performer in music and on the screen. After the slap to Chris Rock on national TV I don’t care anything about Will Smith what he does who he does he’s not somebody that I will allow my kids to watch anymore. He says he was somebody who grew up with violence, doesn’t approve of violence but goes straight to violence.???? hypocrite

  3. Friends? You don’t slap your “friends.” In fact you don’t slap anybody over a harmless joke. Will should slap his wife for ruining his formerly illustrious career. Will and his selfish indignation should probably just find something else to do.
    You know how in music the “one hit wonder” can’t escape the hit that made them famous? Will won’t be able to escape the hit that made him “infamous.” …and deservedly so.

  4. Will is always working on him damn self. Was it ok for you to use the Oscar's as a platform to slap rock ? This the selective outrage rock was talking about. He got slapped and never talk about it till now but you walk him to let it go ? Everyone has made that slap a whole joke but Chris shouldn't?

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