Woman speaks out about alleged affair with Hillsong pastor l GMA

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Woman speaks out about alleged affair with Hillsong pastor l GMARanin Karim, who says she had an affair with former Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz, speaks in her first televised interview about their alleged relationship.

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  1. This woman is an Arab from a Muslim background. Amazing how Christians supported these Jews and Muslims to destroy one of the largest Christian churches in the world. . A false purpose from this guy Carl Lentz. A Jewish guy by genetics and total jerk by choice. Hillsong use to lead many to Christ, now many are turned away from Jesus because of Hillsong and this ahole. The problem with Brian and Bobby Houston is they enabled, supported and encouraged this non Christian behaviour that satisfied evil, luficer and the dark ungodly side of life.

  2. Did he say that he loved you Yes
    Did you love him? She doesn't give answer
    Then later on in the interview states that she was devastated when she found out he was married or whatever while she's laughing. She was devastated??? I doubt it👍 I think she was sent to destroy obviously it wasn't a I mean one-sided but their stories in the Bible Delilah and Samson Jezebel and so I believe she was sent with a demonic assignment to destroy a mega church which is ultimately what it appears has happened this is why you're not supposed to hire preachers who are novice or young you they must be a very mature or the devil make easy work out of them

  3. Never put no man on a pedestal Their human and will fall to the flesh at some point, I remember going to a revival to see Juanita Bynum we had to walk in the front row and she sitting and another famous preacher won't say his name I reach my hand out to shake his hand and tell him I love your anointing on your life he literally pushed my hand away. I was crushed 2 weeks later I read he died a terrible death. These pastors are not rock stars thats why I don't like mega churches the devil is aways in the details.

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